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L I N K   T O   W O R L D H O T . C O M

There are many ways to link to WorldHot.Com. Here are 2 suggested methods:

Method 1. HTML link:

To link to WorldHot.Com, add the following line in your html file

<a href="http://www.worldhot.com/"> WorldHot.Com </a>
Method 2. Graphic link:

If you would like to link to WorldHot.Com by graphic display, choose one of the logo as following:

If your site is selected and listed in WorldHot.Com, you can place WorldHot.Com Approved logo on your homepage! 
Button size 90X31
  • Follow the steps below to get a copy of WorldHot.Com icon:
    • Move your mouse to point arrow to the icon.
    • Click the right mouse button and a menu will appear on the screen.
    • Select the "Save this image as" option on the menu and a file menu will appear.
    • Name the graphic file "worldhot.gif" or "wh.gif", and then save it in a directory (or folder) you desire.
  • Then add the following line in your html file.
  • <a href="http://www.worldhot.com/"><img src="worldhot.gif"></a>
  • Please be sure to include the graphics directory in the path when referencing "worldhot.gif" or "wh.gif".


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